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Demands for websites:
  1. Site must be on paid hosting.
  2. More than 500 unique visitors per day.
  3. Partner must provide guest access to external site statistics (for example, Liveinternet or Google Analytics). Management and Support have a right to request access from closed sections.
  4. The code you place on a website should be the code that was specifically generated by our system for this specific website(you can do it in your account). Placing our code on a website that is not registered in our system, or placing a code generated for one specific website on a different website is strictly forbidden by our Rules. System Administration reserves the right to ban a publisher in case violation of rules occurs.
  5. It’s forbidden to post labels that encourage visitors to click on ad, intentionally drawing users attention to the ad block, make users mislead. For example, using labels like "absolutely free", "Donation" and so on.
  6. Webmaster absolutely can not ask or compel users to click on ads, and use any rogue methods to get the clicks, including encouragement for clicks.
  7. The web-site should compliance with the applicable laws.
  8. It is forbidden to fake the number of impressions or clicks.
  9. We do not accept sites with viruses, malware blocked by Kaspersky or tagged by Google Chrome or Firefox as unsafe.
  10. The management reserves the right to reject any site without explanation.
  11. The management reserves the right to refuse payment if they have suspicions of falsely increasing of cheating clicks, on the complaint of the advertiser, in other cases.
  12. The management does not enter into correspondence regarding the severity of violation, and/or specific techniques, and will not disclose the algorithms check partners.
  13. Creation of multiple accounts without special permission of MediaVenus Administrator will be qualified as a fraud, and replicas will be banned immediately.
Ad Placement Requirements:
  1. A widget can be placed anywhere on a page;
  2. A widget has to comply with the network rules:
    • Placing a widget/banner in such a way or place that the website visitors would click on it involuntary is forbidden;
      – A widget has to fit the size of the an ad space on your website;
    • Placing a widget above video content leads to involuntary clicks and lowers the traffic quality so your website will be banned;
    • Placing more than 8 ads in one widget on mobile version of a lowers the traffic quality so the website will be banned;
  1. A widget has to be placed not lower than the second scroll of a page;
  2. Alternatively it can be placed under the article;
  3. It is strictly forbidden to place CPM widgets in the website footer!
  4. It is forbidden to place more than one CPM widget per page, as it lowers CTR of ads and traffic quality, which consequently lowers the CPM, all of this will lead to your website getting banned;
  5. Placing more than 8 ads in a widget lowers CTR of ads and traffic quality, which will lead to your website getting banned;
  6. We do not work with websites that have widget of more than 2 native ad networks already;
Network Management reserves the right to deny payment if one or several of this rules were broken;
Demands for ads:
  1. The ad must to be according to theme of an advertising campaign.
  2. Page, that advertisement linked on, should be available at the time of moderation, and should correspond to the topics announcement.
  3. Using vulgar language in ad’s text or image is forbidden.
  4. It is not allowed to advertise the resources that violate to the laws of the Russian Federation. Not allowed to advertise websites that violate the laws of country that ad placed on. Sites with viruses, banned by Kaspersky antivirus or marked by Google, Firefox, cannot be advertised too. In case of detecting rules violation - the advertiser's account will be blocked along with all means. Requests for refunds in this case will not be considered.
  5. Forbidden to advertise websites that impede normal websurfing ( with blocking of closing, that have a lot of redirects and ect.). In case of detection violation, advertiser’s account will be blocked with all means.
  6. Resources that automatically starts downloading rather files, asks user to install or save something are forbidden for advertise.
  7. Resources that includes, or arouse suspicion of including child porn, zoophilia, racial, religious or any other hatred, that calling for terrorism, suicide or overthrow of the government are forbidden for advertising.
  8. Forbidden to advertise resources without content
  9. In the announcement is forbidden to provide any contact details of the advertiser (Phone numbers, E-mail, Skype and ect.)
  10. Bulk upload of new Ads with similar or identical images or identical texts is strictly forbidden. Therefore, the Ads rejected under this article will be accepted for re-moderation after a period of 12 hours, or after some editing takes place.
  11. Text Requirements
    • The header contain more than 80 characters;
    • Not more than three words are allowed to be written in capital letters only;
    • No special symbols allowed in Ad texts;
    • The ellipsis can only be put in the end of the sentence;
    • There should be no misspellings, foul language, and half-written words;
    • It is forbidden to specify contact information of the Advertiser (telephone, E-mail, icq, etc.)
  12. Image Restrictions:
    • Foul language is forbidden on the images;
    • It is forbidden to give any contact information of the Advertiser on the images;
    • Identical or similar images are forbidden. If some parts of images or the text are identical the images will be deemed as similar, which can lead to rejection by moderators;
    • The use of images with heads of states is strictly forbidden;
  13. Each Ad is assigned a specific category:
    • General Ads -General Ads it is;
    • Defiant/Provocative – The Ads with provocative, ambiguous or unpleasant content;
    • Shock Ads – diseases, parasites, sexual content, very unpleasant, disgusting images;
    • 18+ - Adult Ads;
    • Tabloid – made up stories, with little to no unpleasant or sexual content

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