What happened in MediaVenus in 2017
December 29, 2017
Before the beginning of 2018 we’ve decided to share with you what was happing in MediaVenus this year. We actively worked and there were a lot things happening. 

What’s new for advertisers?

We are working to improve our system, in order to make a candy from our traffic that makes conversions.
This year we have added new targeting features: gender and IP. Now it’s even easier to reach you targeted audience! 
To add funds on your MediaVenus balance from your account in affiliates faster we have cooperated with LeadBit, Shakes and Everad and made agents pages. In a few clicks, you will run your ads again. 

What’s new for webmasters?

For webmasters in this year we’ve got a lot of features. For the whole year we’ve worked hard in order to help you earn more on website monetization.  
In addition to general native blocks, we’ve got Pop Up format for desktops. Like with native blocks this format has a lot of settings that will allow you create an ad that fits your site. For those who prefers mobile traffic we present Mobile Fullscreen format. All mobile platforms, all devises, profit everywhere.
Adaptive blocks also became a news of the year. Now ads show up correctly on mobile versions of websites on any platform or screen position. 
We want as many people as possible to become users of such a convenient platform and appreciate our efforts. We are always glad for new sites, therefore this year the referral system was launched. Bringing a new user, the webmaster receives 50% of the network income.
Just in time, one of the most long-awaited innovations has come. If earlier the placement of ad units was only available for sites with the http protocol, then this year we started working with https protocol sites. Connect more sites - earn more with MediaVenus!

Our company is actively expanding its presence in the market. This year we have connected more than 10 000 new advertising platforms. And the number of partners became 7,000 more.

Where could you meet us?

Our team traveled the globe all year long! Starting our trip with the Las Vegas Affiliate Summit West 2017, we managed to visit the European Summit 2017 in Barcelona, ​​ad: tech 2017 in Delhi, Ad Summit Kyiv 2017, Affiliate World Europe 2017 in Berlin, and both MAC 2017 in Moscow. We were glad to meet you!

Thank you for being with us. The new 2018 promises to be even cooler and more fun. We will do everything to ensure that your profit was greater in the new year 2018, the interface became even more convenient, the CTR was higher and everyone was happy. Happy New Year!