Traffic Verticals in MediaVenus. Advertise your Best!
September 7, 2017
Hey guys!

As you know MediaVenus has lots of traffic but do you know how to use it correctly? Lets take a look what kind of offers are the best to advertise in the network.
Here is a list of most popular offer categories in MediaVenus:

Diet Products (the main problem of humanity)
Treatment of Osteochondrosis (surprise! It is kinda popular)
Face products (face is the first thing we see when meet people)
Treatment of Medical Conditions (everyone wants to be healthy)
Treatment of Parasites (you didn’t know but it is popular too)
Penis Maximizers (unfortunately, men are not satisfied with their penis size)
Varicose Veins Treatment (pretty legs are must-have)
Adult (grown-ups want to have their own toys)
News (yellow titles are so catchy!)
Skin products (everyone will say you “yes” if you have a beautiful skin)

Use this list next time when you are about to pick a new offer to advertise. Please don’t forget to use our cool targeting instruments such as:

GEO targeting
Device targeting
Browser and OS targeting
Carrier targeting
Category targeting
Gender targeting
IP targeting
Time targeting

All the instruments will help you a lot to target your audience.

We wish you lots of profit.

Best Regards, MediaVenus team.