Brand New Formats! ClickUnder + BlindClick
August 24, 2017
Hello, dear friends!
We are happy to present you a new way to monetize your websites - we have launched new types of Pop Under Ads: BlindClick and ClickUnder.

BlindClick – once you try to visit a website you will be redirected to the landing page. It is a lot like ClickUnder in its effect but there are some differences.
ClickUnder – when you click anywhere on a page (or on a specific part of a page, if webmaster so decides), a landing page will open in a separate window. ClickUnder works via js tag, and is adjusted by webmasters in the MediaVenus system.
The main pro of new formats: Higher price per mile compared to other digital advertising forms.
Wanna be the first one and step up your game? Contact your personal manager in Skype or ticket system for providing an access to the new advertising formats in the network.
Best Regards, MediaVenus Team