Attention please! IP targeting + Capping are now on!
August 22, 2017
Good day, dear friends!
As we are growing and moving forward, we keep seeking new ways to make our system more efficient, and now we have a great news for you!
Starting now, a new option of IP targeting is available. It will allow you to scale up or down the GEO you are working with and you can rest assured, that your campaign is reaching users within the IP range you chose.
*A great feature that helps to optimize your campaign budget.
We would also like to remind you about the use of Capping – a tool to set a limit to impressions delivered for one IP. You can find this feature on our Ad constructor page.
How to use Capping:
0 – no capping;
1 - 1 impression per 1 user;
2 - 2 per one user
And so on, you get the drift.
Best Regards, MediaVenus Team