Wanna Drone? Take it! Big Give Away
August 16, 2017
In the run-up to the AWESOME conference Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017 which takes place on 28 September 2017, MediaVenus is running “The competition of cases”.

 If you are:

1. Really cool in our field;
2. Know how to earn;
3. Have much experience to share.

Write a detailed case about your website, page on a network or about our pages on Searchengine / AffiliateFix / STM and talk about your success with MediaVenus.

The action plan

1. Write a detailed case about your working experience with MediaVenus (it should be REALLY detailed and should contain screenshots, analysis, conclusions)
2. Your case should be relative new (March 2017 or later)
3. You should post your case on your web site or social network on our own pages in Searchengine, AffiliateFix or STM.
4. Repost it on your Facebook page
5. Subscribe to our Facebook page and Telegram channel
6. Send a link to the post to our public on Facebook and indicate ID of your account in MediaVenus
7. Get the prize
The Fort Knox Foundation:
1st place - Quadcopter Hubsan
2nd place – Semi-annual FREE account to the independent service of monitoring of AvanceTS ads
3rd place – Bluetooth column JBL Charge 2 Plus

And that is not it. All the winners will get a VIP pass to the Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party
Join us and get your coveted prizes sooner.

The competition is taking place between 16th August and 29th September 2017
We will take stock of the results of the competition on 26 September 2017 on our Facebook group.
P.S. We reserve the right to moderate your cases/ and one-day bots won’t be taken into account.
Best Regards, MediaVenus team