Mobile Fullscreen in Mediavenus system
July 20, 2017
MediaVenus tech team worked hard on this one and is happy to present you a new ad format - Mobile Fullscreen - a great tool for great earning.

This format is  basically a pop up banner that covers the whole webpage displayed on a gadget. A widget consists of two ads 2x1 and has a “close” button.

Mobile Fullscreen is designed to fit all kinds of platforms (Android, iOS) and gadgets.

Advantages of Mobile Fullscreen:

1. High CTR
2. Gadget users oriented (can only be used on smartphones and pads)
3. Hase a “close” button, so it doesn’t annoy the visitors 
4. is well-received by search engines and visitors 

More opportunities  - higher income! 

Best Regards MediaVenus Team