MediaVenus presents Responsive Widgets!
July 19, 2017
We are delighted to to tell you that long awaited responsive widgets for mobile websites are finally available in MediaVenus! Now all of our widgets will be displayed properly regardless of the the type of gadget and its resolution. Scroll it vertically or horizontally - the ads will look great. 


To create a responsive widget for a mobile version of your website to the Widget Settings page and select “Responsive”, press “yes”.

If your website doesn’t have a mobile version select “Responsive” and press “no” in case you do not select it and your website is not responsive a widget might be displayed incorrectly in the mobile version. 

Starting now nothing will prevent smartphone users from seeing the ads on your page which means better earning for you.
To find out more, please, contact your personal manager in Skype.

Best Regards MediaVenus Team