From CPA life to Ad Summit Kyiv 2017: how did it go?
May 24, 2017
Dear friends! For MediaVenus team April and May were a busy, fruitful period that was highlighted by two great events: CPA life 2017 in Saint-Petersburg on 12th of April and Ad Summit Kyiv 2017 in Ukraine on 17th of May.

The cornerstone of the both conferences were discussions of perspectives of digital marketing in 2017-2018 and reports on trends in native advertising, mobile content and related areas. In a nutshell, these conferences were exceptionally informative and useful.

The beauty of the both cities deserves a special mention! Kyiv impressed us with its breathtaking sites and and warm spring weather. Saint-petersburg, in its turn, met us with cloudy sky, so the conference venue felt extra cosy and all the new meetings were more warm.

We would like to thank our dear friends Epom and Adwad for flawless organization of the conferences, great public, amazing venues and brilliant speakers. we can’t wait to attend your new CPA marketing events!

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Best Regards,
MediaVenus Team