New formats of native Widgets in MediaVenus! Monetize your traffic with maximum profit
April 19, 2017
Dear publishers, we have a great news for you!

Pop up ads are now available in MediaVenus, this ads are floating above contend and stay in place even when you scroll.

Now you can choose a standard widget or a one of pop up options:
Widgets 980x200 appear in the bottom of the screen and stay there when you scroll. If a user will not close this widget, it will follow him on all the pages of a website. Captures the attention, but at the same time allows the user to view the page and is not aggressive.

Widget 4x2 is one more pop up option – it stays in the middle of the page.
Do note that each format can be adjusted font, color, size and shape wise. 

Make sure not to place both types of pop up widgets on the same website, so that you won’t lose your visitors in a chase for profit.

A good pop up is a fool proof way to rise a conversion rate!
For more information contact your personal manager.

Best regards, MediaVenus Team