MediaVenus at TES 2017
March 2, 2017
On 3rd and 5th of March MediaVenus Team will be participating in Europe’s leading Networking Conference & Expo - The European Summit that is taking place on Barcelona on 4-7 March 2017. This conference is a perfect place for professional networking and is great for establishing new partnerships and business ties in the area of affiliate marketing.

Just for a few days, the conference will bring together more than 2000 delegates from around the globe. It is a great opportunity to exchange professional experience and learn a couple of new tricks from the reports of the guests. Surely there are surprises to be expected, as the Afterpaty looks very promising.

We are looking forward to see our friends and partners on 5th March in Calipolis hotel SALA SERT MEET MARKET hall, stall number 3, we will be waiting for you 11 am to 1 pm. On all the other days we will still be around, at the conference itself as well as at the Afterparty.

See you in Barcelona!