Traffic Verticals in MediaVenus. Advertise your Best!

September 7, 2017
Hey guys!

As you know MediaVenus has lots of traffic but do you know how to use it correctly? Lets take a look what kind of offers are the best to advertise in the network.
Here is a list of most popular offer categories in MediaVenus:

Diet Products (the main problem of humanity)
Treatment of Osteochondrosis (surprise! It is kinda popular)
Face products (face is the first thing we see when meet people)
Treatment of Medical Conditions (everyone wants to be healthy)
Treatment of Parasites (you didn’t know but it is popular too)
Penis Maximizers (unfortunately, men are not satisfied with their penis size)
Varicose Veins Treatment (pretty legs are must-have)
Adult (grown-ups want to have their own toys)
News (yellow titles are so catchy!)
Skin products (everyone will say you “yes” if you have a beautiful skin)

Use this list next time when you are about to pick a new offer to advertise. Please don’t forget to use our cool targeting instruments such as:

GEO targeting
Device targeting
Browser and OS targeting
Carrier targeting
Category targeting
Gender targeting
IP targeting
Time targeting

All the instruments will help you a lot to target your audience.

We wish you lots of profit.

Best Regards, MediaVenus team.

Brand New Formats! ClickUnder + BlindClick

August 24, 2017
Hello, dear friends!
We are happy to present you a new way to monetize your websites - we have launched new types of Pop Under Ads: BlindClick and ClickUnder.

BlindClick – once you try to visit a website you will be redirected to the landing page. It is a lot like ClickUnder in its effect but there are some differences.
ClickUnder – when you click anywhere on a page (or on a specific part of a page, if webmaster so decides), a landing page will open in a separate window. ClickUnder works via js tag, and is adjusted by webmasters in the MediaVenus system.
The main pro of new formats: Higher price per mile compared to other digital advertising forms.
Wanna be the first one and step up your game? Contact your personal manager in Skype or ticket system for providing an access to the new advertising formats in the network.
Best Regards, MediaVenus Team

Attention please! IP targeting + Capping are now on!

August 22, 2017
Good day, dear friends!
As we are growing and moving forward, we keep seeking new ways to make our system more efficient, and now we have a great news for you!
Starting now, a new option of IP targeting is available. It will allow you to scale up or down the GEO you are working with and you can rest assured, that your campaign is reaching users within the IP range you chose.
*A great feature that helps to optimize your campaign budget.
We would also like to remind you about the use of Capping – a tool to set a limit to impressions delivered for one IP. You can find this feature on our Ad constructor page.
How to use Capping:
0 – no capping;
1 - 1 impression per 1 user;
2 - 2 per one user
And so on, you get the drift.
Best Regards, MediaVenus Team

Wanna Drone? Take it! Big Give Away

August 16, 2017
In the run-up to the AWESOME conference Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017 which takes place on 28 September 2017, MediaVenus is running “The competition of cases”.

 If you are:

1. Really cool in our field;
2. Know how to earn;
3. Have much experience to share.

Write a detailed case about your website, page on a network or about our pages on Searchengine / AffiliateFix / STM and talk about your success with MediaVenus.

The action plan

1. Write a detailed case about your working experience with MediaVenus (it should be REALLY detailed and should contain screenshots, analysis, conclusions)
2. Your case should be relative new (March 2017 or later)
3. You should post your case on your web site or social network on our own pages in Searchengine, AffiliateFix or STM.
4. Repost it on your Facebook page
5. Subscribe to our Facebook page and Telegram channel
6. Send a link to the post to our public on Facebook and indicate ID of your account in MediaVenus
7. Get the prize
The Fort Knox Foundation:
1st place - Quadcopter Hubsan
2nd place – Semi-annual FREE account to the independent service of monitoring of AvanceTS ads
3rd place – Bluetooth column JBL Charge 2 Plus

And that is not it. All the winners will get a VIP pass to the Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party
Join us and get your coveted prizes sooner.

The competition is taking place between 16th August and 29th September 2017
We will take stock of the results of the competition on 26 September 2017 on our Facebook group.
P.S. We reserve the right to moderate your cases/ and one-day bots won’t be taken into account.
Best Regards, MediaVenus team

Give away a ticket to the biggest conference MAC&Party - we're waiting for you

August 15, 2017
Dear friends, we have a great news for you!

We are happy to announce that the international event the Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017 Autumn Edition will take place on 28 September 2017 during the Russian Affiliate Marketing and it requires a crazy party!

Who is the organizer?

Having followed an established tradition this event is organized by Leadbit, MediaVenus and STM, the business sharks of an industry. It means the organization will be at the highest level!

How it was in spring?

All the involved are still talking about the conference with more than 1.500 participants, reports of the international high-level, networking between the tops and amazing afterparty.

We received all your feedback and understood that it was not enough for you, so we decided to prepare the autumn event with even more comprehensive format.

What should you expect from the Autumn Edition?

The TOP-members of STM team and 50% of summit time for their speakers with actual reports.

“One translator goes to each stand!” – no more linguistic barriers for communication, building up and developing business. And even more! We will provide you simultaneous interpretation of all the reports during the summit.
The 2nd day discovery: Facebook Mastery Live from STM
The unique opportunity to communicate with the Queen of Facebook’a FB Queen about the blackchat FB

And, yes! Our partners can get your FREE VIP passes until 21 August 2017. How? Just reach out your personal executive manager on Skype and learn more about the details.

It should be noting that the price is increasing by $100 every week  :).

If you were unable to get your free passes until 21 August we just wanted to remind you that you can use our coupon “mediavenus” and to get a 10% discount for purchasing the pass until 1 September.

We will be happy to see you at the event and are ready to burn it all!
More hardcore, more network and even more opportunities FOR YOU without any barriers!


Best Regards, Mediavenus Team

LeadBit agent page: get +5% bonus for your transactions to MediaVenus

August 2, 2017
Dear friends, we have a great news for you!
Now you can top up your MediaVenus account in a blink directly from your LeadBit account. Say no to all the troublesome transactions, no more waiting or hassle. Your comfort is our top priority.
LeadBit transaction tips:
Go to profile settings in your LeadBit account
Go to Payment
You will see Mediavenus option there
Get your transaction in MediaVenus account
For more details, you can ask your personal manager in either LeadBit or MediaVenus.
*Minimal transaction amount in LeadBit - 30 $

Best Regards, Mediavenus Team

Top GEOs of July

July 21, 2017
It’s been  awhile since we’ve shared a news like this! We have some brand new publishers from various GEOs.

Here come top GEOs of July. 

Thailand (CPC) 
Russia (CPC)  
Bulgaria (CPC/CPM) 
Romania (CPC/CPM)  
Vietnam (CPC/CPM) 
Greece (CPC)
Germany (CPC)
India (CPC)
Macedonia (CPC)
Serbia (CPC)
Italy (CPC)   
Kazakhstan (CPC)
Belarus (CPC)
Ukraine (CPC)

If you have any questions, we are happy to help you in Skype mediavenus as usual.

Mobile Fullscreen in Mediavenus system

July 20, 2017
MediaVenus tech team worked hard on this one and is happy to present you a new ad format - Mobile Fullscreen - a great tool for great earning.

This format is  basically a pop up banner that covers the whole webpage displayed on a gadget. A widget consists of two ads 2x1 and has a “close” button.

Mobile Fullscreen is designed to fit all kinds of platforms (Android, iOS) and gadgets.

Advantages of Mobile Fullscreen:

1. High CTR
2. Gadget users oriented (can only be used on smartphones and pads)
3. Hase a “close” button, so it doesn’t annoy the visitors 
4. is well-received by search engines and visitors 

More opportunities  - higher income! 

Best Regards MediaVenus Team

MediaVenus presents Responsive Widgets!

July 19, 2017
We are delighted to to tell you that long awaited responsive widgets for mobile websites are finally available in MediaVenus! Now all of our widgets will be displayed properly regardless of the the type of gadget and its resolution. Scroll it vertically or horizontally - the ads will look great. 


To create a responsive widget for a mobile version of your website to the Widget Settings page and select “Responsive”, press “yes”.

If your website doesn’t have a mobile version select “Responsive” and press “no” in case you do not select it and your website is not responsive a widget might be displayed incorrectly in the mobile version. 

Starting now nothing will prevent smartphone users from seeing the ads on your page which means better earning for you.
To find out more, please, contact your personal manager in Skype.

Best Regards MediaVenus Team

MediaVenus Team at AWE2017

June 20, 2017
MediaVenus Team has spent 14th and 5th of June at one of the trendiest digital marketing conferences there is - Affiliate World Europe 2017. This conference is known as a widely popular networking platform for digital marketing businesses.
Once again, we got to see our dear friends, colleagues and partners. These meetings are always delightful and fruitful, and so was the networking at the conference – thousands of visiting professionals shared their experience in a productive atmosphere. 
We would like to thank our friends – the hosts of AWE2017 – STM. It is worth mentioning that the conference took place in a very unique place. Can’t wait for the Affiliate World Asia 2017.
STATION-Berlin is one of the most extraordinary locations in Europe. Situated at the heart of Germany’s capital city, its superb accessibility, its dimensions, its technological resources as well as its architecture – which enjoys protected status as a historic landmark – collectively make this site a national and international hotspot.
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Best regards,
Mediavenus Team

Top up your Mediavenus account with a Сredit Сard

June 6, 2017
Dear Friends!
We are delighted to share a great news.

Following numerous requests from our advertisers from around the globe MediaVenus launches a new top up option for Credit Card holders!

Using our service you can top up your personal  Advertiser account with a bank card. There is no commission for a top up, unless your bank has any special provisions.

Mediavenus - making our services work for you!

From CPA life to Ad Summit Kyiv 2017: how did it go?

May 24, 2017
Dear friends! For MediaVenus team April and May were a busy, fruitful period that was highlighted by two great events: CPA life 2017 in Saint-Petersburg on 12th of April and Ad Summit Kyiv 2017 in Ukraine on 17th of May.

The cornerstone of the both conferences were discussions of perspectives of digital marketing in 2017-2018 and reports on trends in native advertising, mobile content and related areas. In a nutshell, these conferences were exceptionally informative and useful.

The beauty of the both cities deserves a special mention! Kyiv impressed us with its breathtaking sites and and warm spring weather. Saint-petersburg, in its turn, met us with cloudy sky, so the conference venue felt extra cosy and all the new meetings were more warm.

We would like to thank our dear friends Epom and Adwad for flawless organization of the conferences, great public, amazing venues and brilliant speakers. we can’t wait to attend your new CPA marketing events!

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Best Regards,
MediaVenus Team

Ad Summit Kyiv 2017 is coming soon!

May 11, 2017
Dear friends! A new journey is awaiting the MediaVenus Team, this time the destination is Ad Summit Kyiv 2017. The registration for the biggest digital marketing conference in Ukrainian will open on 17th May at 9 am Kyiv time.

We are delighted to invite all of our friends and partners to come visit us at the booth number 6, where we will be presenting our new findings and experience in international digital marketing and, of course, buying and selling the traffic!

And we are certainly looking forward to meet all of you in a less formal setting at the Afterparty!

The conference starts at 10 am.
The address is – Hyatt Regency Hotel, Alla Tarasova Street 5, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Best regards, MediaVenus Team

New formats of native Widgets in MediaVenus! Monetize your traffic with maximum profit

April 19, 2017
Dear publishers, we have a great news for you!

Pop up ads are now available in MediaVenus, this ads are floating above contend and stay in place even when you scroll.

Now you can choose a standard widget or a one of pop up options:
Widgets 980x200 appear in the bottom of the screen and stay there when you scroll. If a user will not close this widget, it will follow him on all the pages of a website. Captures the attention, but at the same time allows the user to view the page and is not aggressive.

Widget 4x2 is one more pop up option – it stays in the middle of the page.
Do note that each format can be adjusted font, color, size and shape wise. 

Make sure not to place both types of pop up widgets on the same website, so that you won’t lose your visitors in a chase for profit.

A good pop up is a fool proof way to rise a conversion rate!
For more information contact your personal manager.

Best regards, MediaVenus Team

Two weeks of traveling the world!

March 14, 2017
Now that our team is back to MediaVenus office from Barcelona and New Delhi, we can tell you that those were some two crazy, beautiful weeks! It was totally worth it and we would like to share some pictures with you, so that you get a taste of the whole adventure. We have met lots of amazing and talented people, true geeks and those who are traffic hungry just like us! We send our greetings to you all and hope to see you next year! And of course it was two weeks of productive work. Isn’t it great when you manage to have fun and do the business at the same time?

See you again, friends!

With best regards, 
MediaVenus team